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Extra curriculum

Find out more about the extra curriculum activities we offer at TreeHouse School.


Art therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses different art forms to help children express themselves, communicating and exploring feelings that are, at times, confusing and difficult to convey with words alone. It can also help them to communicate, interact and express themselves more than they normally would. 

It supports their emotional and psychological development and helps them to develop greater self-awareness. Art therapy is provided individually, in groups, or with parents, depending on the child’s needs.


Occupational therapy 

Autistic pupils frequently have difficulty carrying out everyday tasks independently and successfully. 

Our occupational therapy support aims to improve their ability to perform such tasks, helping them to take part in schoolwork, self-care, leisure, and playing with peers. 

It takes into consideration all aspects of a pupil’s daily life, including their abilities, experiences and hopes, their environment, and the importance of a particular task or activity in their life. 

Our behaviour analysts and occupational therapists assess each pupil’s strengths and difficulties. They then devise individual learning plans that cover areas such as fine motor activities, movement breaks, and sensory regulation activities. These plans are then built into their curriculum.

Latest news

Read the latest about our work, and read personal stories, by our pupils or relatives and staff.


Yoga is a practice that combines gentle breathing techniques, simple meditation, bodily postures and relaxation to enhance health and wellbeing. 

Our yoga classes are designed to help regulate heightened moods and behaviours, and have proven to be highly effective. One of the techniques taught is gentle pressure massage techniques, which help promote self-management and regulation in pupils. 

Pupils can work one-to-one or in small groups in person-centred classes that support specific needs. We hope that, with regular practice, our pupils will take part more confidently in the classroom and in the community.


Personal, Social, and Health Education 

Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) is at the centre of our mission to respond to each pupil’s unique needs. 

We support all pupils to be physically, emotionally, and socially healthy in a safe and enjoyable learning environment, where they can achieve their full potential. 

The PSHE curriculum explores specific topics such as sex and relationships, staying safe, and understanding different cultures and customs. 

Pupils also take part in Pride Patrol, where they take turns to keep the environment safe, clean, and tidy. This ties into our core values by encouraging them to make responsible choices and fostering a desire to do their best.