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Ofsted reports

TreeHouse School received an inspection on 07 and 08 March 2023 and was judged to be Outstanding. 

We are delighted that Ofsted has recognised the quality of the provision on offer at TreeHouse School and the leadership, hard work and dedication of its amazing staff.




The report, which is available to download below and on Ofsted's website praised “inspirational leadership” and “high expectations” in the senior leadership team. It acknowledged the school’s strong safeguarding culture which “ensures that staff are vigilant and take all the necessary steps to keep pupils safe.”

The report commended staff for their “unwavering commitment to improving pupils’ life chances and ensuring they reach their potential, irrespective of their needs or starting points.” It also praised “the school’s carefully designed curriculum” and said, “leaders and staff are skilled in personalising the curriculum to inspire and challenge pupils in equal measure.” It also acknowledged that our curriculum ensures “pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the challenges they may face beyond the school, including their move to further education, training, and employment.”


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