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Pioneering digital sensory room comes to TreeHouse School

TreeHouse School has become the first special school in the UK to invest in innovative new personal sensory regulation software, Cubbie

Cubbie will provide our pupils with a much-needed space to regulate their senses and relax outside lessons. 




Autistic young people process sensory information differently which can impact how they interact with their environment and the people around them. An autistic person can be ‘over’ or ‘under’ sensitive to any of the senses. This means some sounds, light, touch and smells can be uncomfortable, even painful, causing sensory dysregulation. 

Typically, sensory dysregulation has been managed in special schools with sensory rooms, a physical environment featuring a range of stimuli designed to calm or activate the senses. 

Cubbie digitalises the traditional sensory room. Our pupils can build their own unique profile by selecting and saving their favourite stimuli which can be accessed instantly, meaning pupils can regulate their senses and return to lessons faster. 

The booth, accessed via a wheelchair ramp, offers a choice of three chairs – hard, soft and swinging. These are installed in the space also available for a wheelchair. TreeHouse pupils have a choice of hundreds of different videos, including sky and sea scenes, as well as various soothing soundscapes and glowing-coloured lights. 




Cubbie was developed by husband-and-wife team, David and Diane McIntryre, who are parents to two autistic daughters. 

Joanna Dziopa, Head of TreeHouse School, said:

We are absolutely thrilled to have this fantastic new resource which is already helping our pupils balance their sensory needs and have a rewarding day at school.

Our approach to education is centred around improving the quality of life of autistic children and young people while they are in education, and beyond. Cubbie share this vision and is paving the way towards it with this brilliant software.

We’re grateful to David and Diane at Cubbie for standing with autistic children and young people.

David McIntyre, Cubbie founder and inventor, said:

We are delighted that TreeHouse School is the first special school in the UK to purchase a Cubbie. This is testimony to the pioneering leadership of Joanna and her team.

Our pupils have designated slots during the school week in which they can use the Cubbie, however, it is also available for them to access in any instance of sensory dysregulation, stress or simply for enjoyment. 

A number of pupils have already had sensory profiles built and are benefiting hugely from the software. It is also available to our school staff outside of learning hours.