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Weekly news round up at TreeHouse School

Cooking lessons:

After a bit of a break, Planet Organic cooking lessons are finally back at TreeHouse School. This week pupils made chocolate muffins, learning to measure and mix dry and wet ingredients. It was very fun and messy. They sold the muffins afterwards to staff, which went down a treat. 


Learners cooking muffins


Apprenticeship Week:

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, TreeHouse School had Annice come in from Ask Apprenticeships to do a talk for secondary students on what an apprenticeship is, how to apply for one and what subject they could do one in. 


Class Workshop on 'boosting your employability'


She also put on a workshop about 'boosting your employability' for sixth form students. They learnt about CVs and applications, and how to identify their strengths. It was a really fun workshop and the learners got a lot out of it!