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Voice without Words - TreeHouse School art exhibition

'Voice without Words', this year's TreeHouse School art exhibition was on display from 11 - 13 July. Art Teacher, Naomi Delamore, explains the inspiration behind it.

'Voice without Words' is this year's TreeHouse School summer art exhibition which showcases the work done by the school’s developing artists in the Sixth Form.

The inspiration for this year’s exhibition 'Voice without Words' reflects the non-verbal nature of the visual arts and the ability of the artist to communicate meaning and expression without verbal language. Each one of the eight featured artists has presented a portfolio of work distinctive from the others, which is no accident. Each brings their own voice and perspective. 

As an organisation, we are always looking for new ways to support communication and expression for our learners and for many the arts are integral to this. This is the fourth year of the summer art exhibition but the first for which we have had a formal launch event.  

An event like this is important not only as a celebration of achievement over the year but also because it gives an important message to our young people that we value their voices, abilities and talents.

The pupils have responded really well to the exhibition and sharing their work with visitors. Having your skills recognised is a valuable experience for anyone and if you face additional challenges in your life it is all the more important that you have that opportunity to share where your achievements lie.

We are all extremely proud.

Can’t wait for next year!

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