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Panathlon Challenge football coaching day at Barnet Powerleague

Thursday 19th October saw 6 TreeHouse school pupils’ participate in a football coaching day, at Barnet Powerleague .

The coaching day included 9 schools. The schools were:
1. The Village School
2. West Lea School
3. Riverside School
4. Shaftesbury School
5. College Park School
6. TreeHouse School
7. Whitefields School
8. Mapledown School
9. The Bridge School

In the morning session TreeHouse pupils took park in a series of football drills which aimed to develop their football skills and confidence. After lunch the pupils then had a 6 a-side friendly football match against The Bridge School.
The morning consisted of a variety of football drills. During the passing and shooting exercise, Michael showed great technique to the pass the ball with the side of his foot. After receiving the return pass Michael then demonstrated good composure to score with a well placed shot into the bottom corner of the goal.
Anaiah possessed fantastic agility and speed when she was dribbling with the football around the cones. Joel and Jason displayed great independence and team ethic when doing shuttle runs together. They both grew in stature as the training session progressed and developed a good partnership during the football drills.
Next up was the friendly football match against The Bridge School; during the early stages of the game our goalkeeper Keegan needed some support to focus, however after a few words of encouragement from staff, Keegan became more confident in goal and made series of fine saves with his legs to stop the opposition from scoring. Keegan was a very good team player during the match and often passed the ball to his teammates when they were in a good position to attack the opposition.
A special mention to Mohammed who put in a man of the match performance. During the friendly football match Mohammed demonstrated excellent ball control to dribble past the opposition players and score. Mohammed made a superb contribution to game by scoring 5 goals for TreeHouse School. The referee was very complimentary of Mohammed’s ability to run with the ball at a fast speed and strike the ball cleanly. Mohammed showed great delight with his achievements throughout the game by celebrating his goals by high fiving his teammates and staff.
After conceding a goal TreeHouse School responded immediately with a goal of their own through a perfectly executed strike from Jason. Jason struck the ball from long range into the top corner of the goal. Jason whom upon until this point had a quiet game received a round of applause from all the staff whom were amazed with his effort.
Mohammed, Joel, Anaiah, Keegan, Michael, and Jason worked well together as the final score finished 7-5 to TreeHouse School. The game against The Bridge School was played in a very good spirit and this was emulated after the final whistle as players from both sides shook hands with each other.
The whole experience was of great value for the TreeHouse pupils. All the pupils excelled as individuals and as a group. I would also like say well done to all the pupils who coped very well in a new environment which was busy and loud at times. All the pupils gave a brilliant account of themselves and TreeHouse School throughout the day. I look forward our pupils flourishing in future sporting events.
A huge congratulations and thank you to all pupils, staff and parents who made this trip a truly great experience
Until next time!!!
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