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Art afternoon 2015

This term pupils and staff from across the school got creative at the 2015 Arts Afternoon .The day was an opportunity for us all to experiment and enjoy art together and pupils and families did not fail to get stuck in!

TreeHouse School arts afternoon

The highlights of the day were the collaborative projects we made. The dining hall played host to an Arty disco, with large rolls of paper on the floor, lots of pens and lively music. Pupils especial really impressed with their ability to spontaneously create and draw. Teacher impressed with their dance moves!

In the Music room we had a splash zone where everyone got a chance to dress up in boiler suits and create a large splash artwork together to hang in the school.

Pupils also took part in creating portraits of themselves by recoding their heights and tracing their silhouettes, some pupil chose images  they liked  to be projected onto them as they were photographed  which made for some very individual and beautiful artworks.
Thank you to everyone who supports the afternoon roll on arts day 2016!!!!

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