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Performing Arts: Talent Show and more! Patxi del Amo, Music Teacher

On 7th July the School Hall turned into a glitzy stage for our Upper School and Sixth Form students to shine and showcase their many and varied talents. We had drumming, comedy acts, singing, artwork, a brass band, cookery, poetry, dancing and even bubble-blowing and magic. What a splendid way to celebrate everything that makes our students unique!

What a brilliant twelve months we have had in the Performing Arts department!

The academic year started with some wonderful workshops by visiting artists from Chickenshed Theatre, brand new age-banded film clubs and trips to take part in the national INTO FILM festival. By Christmas the Lower School had put on two performances of The Jungle Book, complete with singing, acting, sets, costumes, dances, puppeteering and a live band. As we moved into spring, we enjoyed visits from a wind trio of soloists from Music for Autism and later on from celebrity blind and autistic jazz pianist Derek Paravicini. The spring term also saw the birth of TreeHouse School’s own brass band!

The summer term was no less action-packed, with trips to see STOMP at the Ambassadors Theatre, a new relationship with the Crouch End Picturehouse, and the Upper School and Sixth Form dazzling Talent Show, a real showcase of stage flair and a reminder of how wonderfully unique our learners are.

It’s time to look back on a year well spent, but also to look forward to future visits from artists including the award-winning R&B and hip hop musician John-Paul Horsley (aka J-Rock) plus an Indian raga music specialist, as well as more West End trips and outings to local theatres and cinemas. Upper School learners can look forward to workshops with the incredible actors from Mousetrap Theatre, while Lower School learners will see their classroom provision augmented with a number of music clubs, and will soon start work on another grand production to round the year off. Roll on 2017-2018!

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