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Art in 2016/17 at TreeHouse, Naomi Delamore

2016/17 has been an exciting year in the Art department. Our young people have had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities over the year. There has been a focus on providing pupils increased access to the London art offer.

Our Sixth Form artists have visited both Tate Modern and Britain this year, taking part in specially tailored workshops. In March, all TreeHouse pupils had the opportunity to be involved in our Integrating Rauschenberg project in partnership with the Tate Exchange. Pupils from across the school learned about the artist Robert Rauschenberg and contributed to the creation of large collaborative collage artworks, as part of Arts day. These artworks were then taken to the Tate Modern, where Tree-House pupils created further works alongside pupils from other London schools. We were also privileged to obtain permission to film the Tate Rauschenberg exhibition, enabling the exhibition to be viewed by all of our pupils.

The Spring term also saw our first Key Stage 4 art trips. Pupils from Upper School classes had the opportunity to visit the Camden Art Centre. The centre provided us with a number of spaces as a base from which pupils could feel comfortable venturing into the gallery and exploring. For many it was their first access to an art gallery and we were all really proud to see the young people explore such a new and different space with such confidence.

Throughout the year our pupils have utilised their artistic skills to enrich and celebrate school events. We celebrated Chinese New Year with a whole school parade, for which pupils created a Chinese dragon as well as a large model rooster. Pupils brightened the parade with flags and Chinese lanterns they had made.

Our two school productions of The Jungle Book and our Talent Show were also an excellent showcase for pupils creativity, not just on stage but through contributions to set and prop making. A highlight was the creation of a giant tiger puppet made, painted and operated by pupils across school.

We ended the year this month with the TreeHouse Summer Art Exhibition, a show case for our emerging artists in the Sixth Form. It was wonderful to see the array of work produced by the featured artists, all of whom brought their own style and creativity. This year we were privileged to hold our first evening opening launch of the exhibition, which provided our artists with the opportunity to share their achievements with friends and family. It was a very special event which really demonstrated just how diverse and creative our young artists are. Thank you to everyone from across the organisation who lent their support to the preparations. It’s always a very special time in the school year to be able to look back and celebrate all that has been achieved. This year was no exception, we even made the national news! A huge well done to all of our artists. Can’t wait for next year!

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